Follow President Trump today

Follow President Trump today

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders did not back off the administration’s claim that the US’s maximum pressure campaign has helped bring North Korea to the negotiating table, days after North Korea rejected that claim.

“The President has talked about, certainly, that the maximum pressure campaign has worked,” Sanders said, noting that “we have seen North Korea make progress since.”

Sanders also noted that Trump has credited the leaders of South Korea, Japan and China with helping to “put pressure on North Korea.”

North Korea said last weekend that the US was “deliberately provoking the DPRK” with its claims that the maximum pressure campaign had helped bring Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said via North Korea’s state-run KCNA outlet that the US claims were a “dangerous attempt to ruin the hard-won atmosphere of dialogue and bring the situation back to square one.”

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